Private Investigator In Coffs Harbour, NSW

There are many situations where bringing in a professional private investigator can deliver extreme benefits. From workplace theft or issues of fraud, to a spouse who suspects their partner is cheating and everything in between, an investigator can very likely find out the truth backed up by hard-proof, which otherwise would be next to impossible.

If you need experienced, highly skilled private investigators that offer their investigative services at very affordable prices then you’re in the right place.

The following examples are common ways a private investigator can help you find out the truth and give you peace of mind about your situation, decision or anything that has left you wondering about the truth.

Insurance Fraud:
Whether you own a business or are employed by an insurance company, if you suspect someone is trying to cheat you with a fraudulent insurance or workers compensation claim a private investigator can help. When you provide us with the details of the claim we begin a surveillance investigation to gather evidence on the suspect involved. If our investigations uncover evidence of fraud we will provide that to you and can also provide expert witness testimonials in court.

Family & Infidelity Matters:
Unfortunately, there are many spouses out there who are having an affair. If you suspect that your partner is cheating or hiding something from you an investigator can help. Using discreet and legal methods a private investigator can gather evidence of infidelity or hidden assets if such events are occurring. The evidence gathered can be used in legal proceedings.

Child Custody Cases:
If your ex-partner is seeking custody and they have qualities that make them an unfit parent a private investigator can obtain evidence that can be used in court to support your case.

Background Checks:
Whether it is for business or personal matters a background check can be very beneficial if you’re considering entering into any form of partnership with someone. Never let yourself feel guilty for making sure you protect yourself against possible fraud. These days fraud is too common and criminals are too convincing for you to simply trust everyone because they appear to be trustworthy and sound convincing. Your peace of mind and the protection of yourself and your assets is worth it.

Business Fraud or Embezzlement:

There are all too many cases of employees trying to line their own pockets with your company’s money. Whether it be through embezzlement or cases of compensation claims for injuries that do not exist a private investigator can uncover evidence that will prevent your company from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to dishonest employees.

This is just a quick overview of the most common surveillance and investigation cases we take on in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Some other issues that we can investigate include: identity theft, welfare fraud, international employment background or asset checks, stalker investigations, romance scams, pre-marital checks, investment scams and many more. If you need a private investigator in Coffs Harbour, NSW or surrounds contact us here: