Find Commercial Business Security Systems In Esperance, WA

Regardless of whether your business is a large corporation or a small to mid-sized local business you will need to consider getting a commercial security system installed in order to protect your assets, employees and to reduce insurance costs.

There are a wide variety of security alarm and monitoring solutions available to your business. Below is a short description of the most common commercial security systems.

Security Cameras & Alarms:

The use of surveillance cameras and intrusion alarms is one of the most common methods of providing security solutions to the vast majority of businesses. They have several benefits: including acting as a deterrent, providing evidence (not only of a crime but also things like workers insurance claims or public liability claims) and even non-security benefits like identifying marketing opportunities based on customer behaviours.

Intrusion alarms, while a more reactive rather than proactive approach, can also be a deterrent as they act to scare off criminals. Their main benefit however is to alert authorities to an intrusion into your business premises and prompt a rapid response.

There are a wide range of camera and alarm types available. To find one that best suits your needs speak to a security professional in Esperance, WA. They will also be able to advise you on whether your business will benefit from the other types of commercial security solutions listed below.

Monitoring & Patrol:

Central monitoring systems and external patrols often go hand in hand with the security camera and alarm systems mentioned above. Your surveillance video feed or alarm can be monitored by security professionals at a remote location who are then able to respond immediately by either dispatching their patrol unit or by contacting emergency services.

External asset patrols also provide a visual deterrent and routine checks to ensure your business premises is secure.

Access Control:

Not all security systems aim to keep burglars away, access control systems are a great way to control entry to certain areas and keep a record of access to certain areas. Different types of access control systems that may work in your business include: swipe cards, biometric readers, combination cipher locks, photo identification systems or even security guards controlling entry and exit.

There are also small measures you can put in place to increase security like being aware of suspicious behaviour, having good lighting at entry points, protecting your electronic information and discussing your needs and options with a security company in Esperance, WA.

Venue Security:

If you own or manage a bar or nightclub or are organising an event that will involve the service and consumption of alcohol it is highly likely that you will require security guards or crowd control staff. These days there is an obvious shift from hiring intimidating ‘bouncers’ to hiring experienced staff that are proactive and have excellent communication, problem solving and dispute resolution skills.

You also need to be aware that you can’t just hire someone with a security licence. You will need to find an individual or company that has a master licence. There are a lot of strict regulations that cover security guards and crowd control staff so, to make sure you and your business or event are operating within your legal requirements it is vital that you work with an experienced and reputable company.